ISTQB Exam Definition Part D

Software Product Quality Standard:

Reviewing test basis is part of:
Test Analyze and Design

Exit Criteria:
Checking test logs
Assessing if more test required.
Writing test summary report.

Maintenance Test
Breadth Test
Depth Test

Majority of system error occurs in:
Requirement Phase

A series of probing quesitons about completeness & attributes about product system.

Common testing technique in component testing:
Statement & Branch Testing

Configuration Management tool:
Support trace ability, recording of incidents or scale-ability of tests.

Test Closure Activity:
Check deliverable achieved?
Finalize & Archive test ware
Analyze Lesson

High Level Plan includes:
Function to be tested
Environment required.
Entry & Exit Criteria

Error Guessing is:
Most appropriate way of deriving system test

Data-flow analysis studies:
The intrinsic complexity of the code.

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