ISTQB Exam Definition Part C

Work of Tester
Prepare & Acquire test data
Implement test on all test levels
Create test specification

Why Incremental integration over big bang?
Incremental integration has better early defects screening & isolation ability

Definition of test item standard: BS7925-1

Defect Management Includes:
Defect Prevention
Management Report

Configuration Management:
Identify Version of software under test
Controlling version of test ware items
Tracking changes to test ware items
Analyzing needs for new test ware items.

Purpose of Exit Criteria:
Determine when a test level complete

Decision table testing:
A test technique combines combination of impacts that might not otherwise have been executed during testing

Decision Testing:
A form of control flow testing based on decision outcome.

State Transition Testing
A test technique used which might be used to verify different system re depending on current conditions or previous history.

Exploratory Testing:
Test carried out x-box to achieve specific test objectives, possibly component constructed testing.

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