ISTQB Exam Definition Part A

Tools used by Developer:  Statistic Analysis, Dynamic Analysis
Tools used by Testers: Performance testing, Test Management, Test Running, Test Data Preparation 

Inspection--------Led by trained moderator/leader
Peer review-------No Management involved
Informal Review-----Undocumented
Walkthrough-------Led by author

Test Term Standard:  BS7925-1

When reporting bug to developer, tester should:
1. Be Police
2. Firm about insisting a bug not feature
3. Diplomatic, sensitive

Component test standard: BS7925-2

Test control-------- re-allocating of resources when test overrun
Test monitoring------report on deviation from test plan
Test estimating ------ calculating of required resources
Incident-management-----track of conclusion test result
Configuration control----maintenance of test record

System testing:
1. Often performed by independent team
2. Functional

Oracle Assumption:
tester can routinely identify correct outcome of test

White-Box testing
a) Statement testing
b) Path Testing
c) Dataflow testing

Failure is :  departure from specific behaviour

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