How to Deal With Defects Not-Producible?

Understand why defects cannot be easily reproduced.

1. Due to specific OS with specific memory
2. Due to memory location accessed outside specific location.
3. Outside the scope of debugger.
4. Due to specific environment change in OS
5. Sequential events occurred in line.

How to get it fixed?

1, Document the steps and repeat under different environment and find it again.
2. Ask for more information from Client/Customer regarding the reproduciblity if bug is unable to reproduce.
3. If bug stopped reappearing on Client/Customer side, close the bug as unpronounceable.
4. Capture much info as possible to write a new test case for same test steps under different environment.
5. Check logging software in background to identify system sources when bug was found.
6. Ask Client/Customer to use screenshot recording tool to record the bug.
7. Compare environment log and software debugger log before and after noticing such bugs.
8. Examine the test  execution result and evaluate the changes in the test.
9. Examine the test data and modify as Client input to reproduce the bug
10. Add test step that get test execution close to bug.
11. Keep screenshot or documentation of error message that appeared during bug occurrence.
12. Address to manager/lead regarding the unreproduced bug if cannot talk to Client end.

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