ISTQB Exam Definition Part B

Test Planning:
1.Determine test approach
2. Evaluate exit criteria reporting
3. Measure & Analyze result

Design test case order:
1. Analyze requirement & Specification
2. Elaborate & Describe test cases in detail
3. Specific expected result
4. Specific execution order.

Impact Analysis:
to determine how existing system might be affected by change

Configuration Management:
All test ware are identified & version controlled.

Formal Review Steps:

Dynamic Testing:
Equivalence Partitioning
Use Case testing
Exploratory Testing
Decision testing

Static Testing:
Data flow Analysis

Software Quality Standard:  ISO1926

PDCA:   Plan Do Check Act

Cyclomatic Complexity =
Edges/Links - Nodes + 2* Independent paths  (L-N+2P)

Release Note= Item Transmittal report

Case Effect Graphing Standard:  BS7925-2

Test Design Phase:
Test Data
Test Data Plan
Test Procedure Plan

Measure Dysfunctions:
Even though numbers you look at appear better, to achieve the number people are doing other aspects of their work less well.

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