Functional Document and Business Document

Asking the question about difference of fictional document and business document is similar with difference with function requirement and business requirement.

1. Both documents come into play at different stage.
Business requirement is developed by business analysis at early stage of project initiation.
Functional document is developed when business document is approved by client/stakeholders before software design phase.

2. Both documents contain different information for different audiences.
Business document contains business requirement at the standpoint of end user, such as client and customers.
Functional document, on the other hand, contains technical requirement for architects and developers. These requirements are the baseline that developers design, implement software based on.

3. Both documents serves same purpose
Both business and functional documents are created to ensure the quality of delivery software/programme/products.
Business analyst create business document so that client's requirements are fully covered.
Business analyst create functional document so that team members such as development team and testing team understand the requirement in technical term, so that the final product will not be deviated from original design.

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