Key Benefits of Agile Methodology

 Agile Methodology refers to set of principles of software development under which requirements and solutions evolved through small iterations.

Key benefit of using Agile methodology is:

Ability to change
In agile model, list of requirements are created as to-do list for the project, and during each iteration/sprint, several requirement will be implemented. Normally one iteration would be 2-4 week time. Therefore if customer/client asks for requirement change, it could be quickly implemented or revised during next sprint/iteration.

Fast delivery
Each iteration/delivery will come up with a demo to demonstrate what has been implemented to customer/client instead of waiting for few month as in waterfall model.

Tight team collaboration
In agile model, there is only one scrum master in charge of requirement management and the team members work closely with each other. The role of each member is not fixed as in waterfall model. One can be a tester if the other tester is not available.

Low risk
Because of small iterations to implemented certain requirements. Feedback from customer/client is constant therefore the team is pretty sure that they were working at the right direction.

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